Telebid Pro


Hacker School

In the autumn of 2013 Telebid Pro established a programming school named Hacker School BG (

The team of Telebid Pro has more than ten years of experience in preparing high level professionals for its own teams and inhouse projects. We decided to start this as an official project named “Hacker School” – a free of charge training course in computer programming. The emphasis is on writing code and practical problem solving and requiring trainees to understand in depth the material touched during the course.
An individual programme is developed for each student and it is conformed with the level of the trainee and the best teaching practices of top level university programmes in the computer science.

We provide internship opportunity for practical experience which goes along with regular feedback. Each pupil receives personal attention and focused channeling of new information.

Our main goal is to create an environment for young people inspired in programming where they can acquire knowledge and practical skills and get the opportunity to work on real projects and labs, running in our company.